About Us

MPD provides a turnkey service with emphasis on reflecting lifestyle in a unique way through relevant interior design with over 17 years of local and international knowledge and experience at hand.
MPD offers an exclusive, comprehensive service including corporate and individual clients with particular emphasis on a well researched, customised and innovative interior design with a committed, hands-on team.
Michael Prinsloo etches details and experience into every interior he masterfully brings together with all the stakeholders ensuring paramount success. MPD is able to provide the right solution by tailoring every facet of the design process, from inception to completion, to ensure a proud and satisfied client.

Michael Prinsloo

Michael Prinsloo has a vast amount of knowledge ranging from corporate, retail and residential design. He also has travelled abroad to experience different cultures and interiors, resulting in offering his services for international clientele.
Michael’s at the heart of every project, provides a personal experience and caters to the requirements of clients. He is extremely dynamic, hardworking and professional, and he demonstrates personal interest in every project.
He reflects his personal traits in every project, maintaining his keen sense of decor selection and meticulous detail. Michael is a fun loving person who gets to know the person behind the client and ultimately a friendship is born.
Michael has traveled abroad extensively on a yearly basis, achieving a global aesthetic to his local projects. He enjoys finer things in life that make a house a home.


Exclusive Interior Design

We specialize in space planning, furniture designs, and window applications to be incorporated in a complete compendium of project management elements. Our clientele range from corporate, retail, hospitality and residential affiliates.
We pride ourselves in creating breathtaking, functional spaces that match our clients’ exact needs. MPD strives to promote harmonious design and integrity in every project.

Bespoke Furniture and Fittings

MPD prepares interior applications ranging from selection of decor items, art, design and fabric for curtaining and upholstery to furniture arrangements. 
The bespoke elements are what impart on each project a distinct, tailored look which will reflect a full set of desired needs both practical and functional.

Project Management

MPD provides a turnkey service in the interior design industry to clientele. MPD is intimately involved in every step of the design and execution phases to ensure projects are delivered on time and to our exacting standards.
MPD is equipped to service clientele at large or small scale, regardless of location. As we are an exclusive service, we ensure your project always has the attention it deserves.

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